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Featuring Our Tenants

Mark A. KellerJasper has created a very positive business environment for Fontaine. City leaders have been helpful as our businesses here has grown into five new companies, one of which is featured on this page. There is a good labor pool in the area and we have found a stable work-force here. - Mark A. Keller, PE, Group President, Fontaine Engineered Products

"As Fontaine developed several new and innovative business units, we didn't hesitate to base them here in Jasper. The talent and flexibility of the workforce in the area has been instrumental to the success of these businesses and the consistent support we receive from the City made it easier to get them up and running." - Buck Buchanan, President, Fontaine Intermodal

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The Evolution Intermodal flat deck is the perfect solution for converting flatbed freight from road to rail, allowing forward thinking freight companies to take advantage of the highly efficient and cost effective North American intermodal rail network.