Go to the District Map page and locate your residential location on the zoomable map to find out what district you are in, then click on your district and councilmember using the menu on the left to read your councilmember's bio. 

To share information or express an opinion you may simply attend any council meeting on the first or third Tuesday of every month. At the end of every council meeting, there is a recurring agenda item to receive comments from the audience at which time audience members may step to the podium to briefly address the council.  If you wish to have the council act on your request or take any official action, you must first request to be put on the agenda to speak. You may Contact Us online, by phone at 205-221-2100, or in person on the second floor of City Hall. Remember, any request to be on an agenda must be made by Friday morning prior to the upcoming meeting on Tuesday.


The City invests available funds with local financial institutions.  All funds in excess of federally insured deposits must comply with Alabama’s SAFE program.

Jasper sales and use tax is 3.5% (0.35) of retail gross sales.

Effective February 1, 2022, general sales and use tax rates inside the city limits of Jasper increased by one-half percent to 3.5% (0.35) of retail gross sales. Automotive sales tax rates increased to seven-eighths of one percent (.875) of gross sales. For a complete listing of rates changes, please visit https://revenue.alabama.gov/.../2017/07/Jasper_20220118.pdf or call Jasper City Hall at 205-221-2100.

Sales, use, lodging, and rental tax are paid directly to the State of Alabama. The city has partnered with the Alabama Department of Revenue in obtaining the department’s E-Filing Services for their taxpayers. You can file your return at http://www.revenue.alabama.gov/salestax/online/NSAsetup.htm. The City of Jasper’s jurisdiction number is 9680. The jurisdiction account number will be the same as your State of Alabama account number.

Sales tax is defined as a privilege or license tax on persons engaged in the business of selling at retail any tangible personal property within the city or in the business of conducting places of amusement or entertainment within the city, generally measured by the gross sales or receipts of such businesses and an excise tax on the storage, use or other consumption of tangible personal property within the city, generally measured by the sale price of such property.

Any time any commercial or industrial activity or any enterprise, trade, profession, occupation, or livelihood, including the lease of residential or nonresidential real estate, whether or not carried on for gain or profit, and whether or not engaged as a principal or independent contractor, which is engaged in, or caused to be engaged in, within the City limits of Jasper.

Effective January 1, 2023, the city has a sixteen-dollar ($16.00) per month garbage rate for residents. It is billed quarterly on the first of the month in January, April, July, and October. Please contact the garbage office for business rates.

In addition to weekly garbage pickup, below is a list of services and information related to the services that are provided for your garbage payment.   

Residential Services

Items picked up for the homeowner are generally picked up the same day as garbage:

  • Vegetation, tree refuse, limbs, and branches. Tree material to be picked up cannot exceed 10’ to 12’ long
  • Furniture, mattresses, boxes, clothing, toys, construction materials, etc.
  • Grass clippings and leaves.  Leaves will automatically be picked up at the end of September. 
  • If residential refuse exceeds one truckload, customers will be charged an additional fee of $200, which needs to be paid prior to being picked up at the Public Works Dept.  Any city resident can bring residential trash and debris in a pickup truck or smaller vehicle at no charge to the City Landfill.  Or you can rent roll-offs at Farley Recycling or Walker County Solid Waste.

Businesses & Contractors

  • No refuse, other than vegetation refuse, will be picked up by the city at any business location.
  • No contractor-generated materials will be picked up by the city at any residential or business location. Such materials shall be required to be disposed of by the contractor or property owner. Lawn maintenance and landscapers must haul off all debris, including grass clippings and trimmings.

Items that cannot be picked up:

  • Appliances, TVs, computers, paints & chemicals, etc.  You can take these items to 101 29th Street East.  Place appliances and electronics at the red Electronic Disposal sign on the left before you go through the gate to Street Dept.  Refrigerators, freezers, or other large containers must have doors removed. Chemicals can be dropped in the dumpsters outside the gate. 

Rental Houses

  • Do not empty the contents of a house on city right of way.
  • Landlords owning only 1 rental house can put out refuse to be picked up if the address is set up for residential garbage service. If two or more are owned the refuse must be taken to the landfill.

When placing items out for pickup, please remember:

  • Do not obstruct traffic or the line of sight.
  • Leave space from low-lying lines, structures, and cars.
  • Separate leaves and grass from debris.

Should you have any questions or have unusual or large items for pickup, please call 205-221-8529 or email publicworks@jaspercity.com

Garbage service is mandatory for all Jasper residents and businesses. To receive garbage service you will need to apply for service at our garbage office located at Jasper City Hall. Once you have paid a $50.00 refundable deposit, and your account has been established you will receive your garbage can. Call 205-221-8533 for questions or more information.

Check out our Open Bid List section on our website for current bid listings, or contact Jessica Cook, the Purchasing Agent at purchasing@jaspercity.com or 205-221-2100. Bid listings are also posted on a bulletin board outside the purchasing office on the 2nd floor of City Hall.

The city conducts auctions to sell all surplus items.  For more information contact Jessica Cook, the city's Purchasing Agent, at purchasing@jaspercity.com or 205-221-2100.

Submit a Vendor Application to:

Jessica Cook, Purchasing Agent
P. O. Box 1589
Jasper, AL 35502
Email: purchasing@jaspercity.com
Fax: (205) 221-8522

City Hall

You may contact your district representative (see the City District map to determine which district you are in or visit the City Council section of this website) or simply complete the Contact Us form and your comments or concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate city department or Department Head.

Contact: Events Coordinator, City Hall
Phone: 205-221-2100
Email: events@jaspercity.com


Contact: Brent McCarver, City Planner
Email: planning@jaspercity.com


Contact: City of Jasper Police Department
Phone: 205-221-6790
Emergency: 205-221-2121

Public Works

  1. Is it a light facing the street/road? If so, it is a City street light.
    Contact: Building Inspector Adam Bolton with the address of the property of the street light.
    Phone: 205-221-8529
    Email: inspection@jaspercity.com


  2. Is it a light facing a residence or business? If so, it is not a City street light and Alabama Power Company will need to be contacted. 
    Phone: 1-800-888-2726 Web site: www.alabamapower.com 

Contact: City of Jasper Annex, Phone: 205-221-8529
Email: rsmallwood@jaspercity.com

Contact: City of Jasper Annex Monday through Friday 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Phone: 205-221-8529 Email: rsmallwood@jaspercity.com or publicworks@jaspercity.com  
Emergency: 205-221-2121 City of Jasper Police Department manned 24 hours a day.

Contact: Building Inspector Adam Bolton
Phone: 205-221-8529
Email: inspection@jaspercity.com

Leaves and grass should be entirely separated from any solid objects. Please refrain from including any rocks, limbs, or pieces of wood mixed in/hidden in the leaves/grass. If proper precautions are not taken, significant and costly damage can occur to the leaf trucks as a result. 


We welcome you to visit us at City Hall to purchase the license from our license department located on the first floor or call the license department at 205-221-8533 to request to receive an application in the mail.

You may also fill out a business application or renewal application online or download the business license and renewal applications by visiting the Forms section of this website. The business license clerk will contact you if necessary.


For schedules, contact:
Phone: 205-221-8529
Email: publicworks@jaspercity.com

For billing questions for sanitation services:
Contact: Jasper City Hall
Phone: 205-221-8533