Fire Prevention

The Jasper Fire Department inspects and enforces the regulations pertaining to life safety from fire and other related hazards encountered in buildings and structures.

The Inspection Bureau is made up of individuals who are certified through the Alabama Personnel and Standards Commission as Fire Inspectors. Through application of Fire and Life Safety Codes, the Jasper Fire Department has made a positive impact in protecting the citizens of Jasper and its visitors.

Each day our engine companies are involved in Pre-Fire Planning of local business and structures that provides vital information in the event of fire and to also detect possible problems, which are then forwarded to the Inspection Bureau for investigation.

The impact that Fire and Life Safety Code applications may have on saving lives is difficult to measure, however it is reasonable to assume that its influence is extremely significant. For example, many of the fatal building fires (other than those in one and two family dwellings) investigated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), invariably one or more of the buildings' features contributing to loss of life were in violation of Fire and Life Safety Code requirements.

By consistent and effective inspection practices, the Jasper Fire Department will continue to improve the safety for its residents, its visitors and those wishing to relocate to our progressive city.