Deputy Chief - Fire Marshal

The Deputy Chief and Fire Marshal for Jasper Fire & Rescue conducts inspections to ensure that all buildings, businesses, and occupancies are upheld to the latest Fire Safety Codes and policies, making certain that the life safety of the citizens of Jasper is held to the highest priority.

In addition to inspections, they are responsible for conducting investigations after fires in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire and point of origin. Working closely in conjunction with the Jasper Police Department and the Alabama State Fire Marshal's office, all suspicious fires and possible arsons are investigated to the fullest extent.

Implementing and conducting Public Education and Fire Prevention Programs throughout the City of Jasper is also part of the duties of the Deputy Chief and Fire Marshall.  Jasper Fire & Rescue takes a very active role in local schools, industries, churches, and pre-school programs, showing both children and adults ways to prevent fires from starting and what to do if a fire does occur.  

Heath Smith

Fire Station 1
10 18th Street East
Jasper, AL  35501