Nitto, Inc.

Nitto, Inc."With the strength of the established support industry in and around Jasper we have continuously solved challenges together." - Kunitoshi (Woody) Kinoshita, President, Nitto, Inc.

Mission Statement:

Nitto, Inc. - Solidifying the union of modern sealing, structural, and acoustic solutions. For over 40 years vehicle manufacturers have come to trust Nitto Denko as a partner to maximize efficiency, reduce mass, and contribute to growing environmental concerns. Nitto, Inc. sets the bar high in the supplier community by providing advanced engineering and testing capabilities, continuously improving our product offerings, and driving the application development processes.

Nitto Auto

Nitto, Inc.has excelled and evolved in this industry where the production continuum depends on rapid response time, rigorous flexibility, product quality, and extensive product and application knowledge. Nitto, Inc. is proud to have the following companies as a part of the Nitto Americas family.

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