In-Service Training

At Jasper Fire Rescue, training is one of our top priorities.  In a field such as firefighting, where everything is constantly changing and evolving, it is imperative to stay current on all aspects of the job, ensuring that every firefighter is ready to face all challenges that may arise in every situation.  

Fire Training

It is the job of the Captain of Training for Jasper Fire Rescue to provide the proper resources and training to make sure firefighters are capable of serving and protecting the citizens of Jasper with the highest level of care possible. 3 hours of training are conducted each day, Monday through Saturday, encompassing subjects such as Firefighter Safety, Driver/Operator training, Hazardous Materials training, EMS/First Responder training, and extensive training on all aspects of Fireground Operations.

At Jasper Fire Rescue, we believe the way you train is the way you react, and this is the reason we take training seriously in our department.