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Mark A. KellerJasper has created a very positive business environment for Fontaine. City leaders have been helpful as our businesses here has grown into five new companies, one of which is featured on this page. There is a good labor pool in the area and we have found a stable work-force here.  - Mark A. Keller, PE, Group President, Fontaine Engineered Products

Jasper, AL provides many benefits for Fontaine PartSource. Our proximity allows us one day transit service to over 50% of our target customer base and two day service to over 80%. The cooperative spirit between City, County and Community leaders has been outstanding as we work to grow our business in Jasper. Our family moved to Jasper seven years ago and love what the city has to offer and the down home friendly lifestyle - Ed Wentz, President – Fontaine PartSource

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Fontaine PartSource™ is the aftermarket parts business of Fontaine Trailer Company®, the largest flatbed trailer manufacturer in the world. Sixty-three years ago, Fontaine Trailer Company was established providing our customers with the best quality, the highest resale value and the most reliable performance in the industry, and we continue this tradition today. Fontaine PartSource supports this excellence with high quality design and value-priced original equipment replacement parts. Fontaine customers deserve the best and they get this from Fontaine PartSource.