City of Jasper Supports WCCT Hosting Western Welding Academy Blue Collar Tour

WCCT Blue Collar Tour

February 9, 2024 - The Walker County Center Of Technology and the City of Jasper will once again host the Western Welding Academy Blue Collar Tour on Monday, February 12th, 2024, from 8:00 am to 1:20 pm. In 2023, the WCCT hosted the Western Welding Academy on their national Blue Collar Tour, supported by the City of Jasper and other community partners, as the only school in Alabama to hold the event. Students from all around the state traveled to the campus in Jasper to attend, and because Jasper had the largest turnout in the nation, WCCT was once again selected as a host site. "Workforce development and career technical training are of great importance to our city," said Mayor David O'Mary. Both Mayor O’Mary and District 1 Council Member Jenny Brown Short have pledged financial support to this year's event. "We need a well-trained young workforce as we look to bring jobs into the city. Events like these offer opportunities for students to see blue-collar professionals, talk to industry workers about the realities of this type of work, and learn skill sets that are invaluable for those who choose blue-collar careers," said O'Mary." Welding instructor William Poff stated, " I would like to see this not just benefit our students at the Walker County Center of Technology, but students all across the state, from all the blue-collar trades." 

Other partners from the community have added support, including Marigold Works, ICEV, Honda of Jasper, Jasper Industrial Development Board, Coca-Cola, and Johnny Brusco's. This is once again the only stop in Alabama.