Jasper Animal Care & Control Announcement

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July 26, 2022 - ALL CANINE ADOPTIONS ARE CURRENTLY SUSPENDED at Jasper Animal Care & Control.

The City of Jasper is proud to partner with Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) to operate Jasper Animal Care & Control. We have received notice from GBHS requesting approval of immediate Priority-1 status due to an outbreak of H3N2 (CIV-Canine Influenza Virus). In response to their request and due to dogs at Jasper Animal Care & Control being exposed to CIV, Jasper Animal Care & Control will move to Priority-1 status, effective immediately. Under Priority-1 status, the City of Jasper impoundment facility will only receive dangerous dogs, severely injured dogs, or dogs seized by law enforcement in certain situations. To manage this outbreak, Jasper Animal Care & Control will follow the recommendations from Lindsay Alverson, DVM, of GBHS, and will remain under Priority-1 status for approximately 6 weeks or until further notice.