Public Wi-Fi Coming to Jasper

public wi-fi

May 3, 2023 - Mayor O’Mary announced yesterday that the City of Jasper will soon offer free public Wi-Fi in parts of Jasper as part of the Connected Jasper project. Connected Jasper is a partnership between Alabama Power Company, Tengo Internet, and the City of Jasper and is made possible by a $1.6 million federal grant through the Department of the Interior and the Alabama Department of Labor to advance economic opportunity. The grant will support the installation of the network and the City of Jasper will cover all energy-related and maintenance costs.

There will be several locations in Jasper that will be equipped with public Wi-Fi access points, including the downtown corridor, multiple housing authorities, Memorial Park Elementary School, Maddox Intermediate School, North Highlands School, and Jasper Public Library, providing free internet access to students, residents, businesses, and visitors. The network is designed to support up to 500 devices at one time with approximately 68 access points. Plans are for the public Wi-Fi network to be accessible by the end of 2023 or early 2024. We are proud to be moving towards a new, digital economy in Jasper!