Construction Ahead

Upcoming Improvements

February 27, 2023 - Two big projects will be beginning in the coming warmer months. First, the west Jasper Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) project will begin in early April with construction lasting through October. This is a $1.6 million project with $700,000 in awarded federal funds and $450,000 in matching funds provided by Jasper Waterworks & Sewer Board and the City of Jasper that will see sewer and water line, curb and gutter, and sidewalk improvements beginning on 10th Avenue at 21st Street to 10th Avenue and 19th Street, then continuing along 19th Street to the Jasper Area Family Services Center (formerly West Jasper Elementary School). This is a long-awaited project that we are excited to see begin.

Second, the Jasper City Council set aside $5 million for a citywide paving plan as part of the $25 million Four-Point Plan investment. The first bid opening for phase one in July of 2022 saw higher-than-expected prices due to runaway inflation, so the council made the decision to put the paving plan on hold temporarily to see if costs would come down in late 2022/early 2023. During that time, it was agreed to make minor changes to the scope of phase one of the paving plan, focusing primarily on asphalt repair for various streets across the city. Phase one was rebid last month with the lowest bid coming in at just over $1 million less than the lowest bid six months earlier. Work on phase one is expected to occur from early spring to early fall. Phase two of the paving plan is expected to be bid this summer/fall which will include much of the maintenance needed to extend the life of roads in good condition and finishing road repairs and milling and overlay for those that require the most attention. We’re looking forward to further improving our roads in Jasper for you!